I'm Pixeleate 👋

Well that's my alter-ego on Internet, but my name is Ulises, I'm a professional Software Engineer or at least that's what my job title says 😅, I mostly work with web technologies and Javascript, but I really like to play with another programming languages, like Python, Ruby, Go, also I really like to work on all the phases of the software so I like things like CI/CD, Testing, Accessibility, UI/UX and learn a lot.

I have been lucky enough that my code has been used at companies like PayPal, Rackspace, T-Mobile, Safeway.

When I'm not coding or learning new things, I like to stream video games 🎮, even I have a Facebook page about that, where my alter-ego is Diamond Gamer, I also use Mixer and Twitch, if you like that things don't forget to follow the page 😁

But there is more about me than experience or hobbies, I'm a father of 2 little ones, I'm married with the most beautiful woman, they are the reason because I'm pushing so hard to be a better, engineer, father and husband.

We live in Texas, we love the tacos, bbq and we also speak two languages (English / Spanish).

I will try to add content to this blog in both languages, I know that not all the people speaks and reads English even because we know that programming languages are mostly written in English, sometimes the documentation is only available in English, if you want me to write about something in Spanish just let me know on my social networks twitter or send me an email to my email.

Also even than I'm not actively looking for a new job, I like to hear all the proposals, if you have one that needs my skill set, just hit me up.

Written with 💓 from Texas